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We tailor a WellPlan design to meet the needs of small businesses like yours that want the benefits of comprehensive wellness but don’t have the time, budget or expertise to make it happen.


Who benefits what?

Business Owner

Protect & Grow Your Company
  • You Wear Enough Hats. Let Us Wear The Wellness Hat!
  • Tax Savings of $500 to $1000 Per Year, Per Employee Savings, Begins Month ONE!
  • Save 30% to 50% on Major Medical Premiums
  • Wellness Program That Helps Your Employees at No Additional Cost
  • Expert Wellness HR Consulting
  •  Employee Managment Portal
  • Customized Website Development & Design
  • Provide greater benefits to your company
  • Improve Employees Engagement
  •  Attract & Retain Top Talent
  •  Improve Corporate Wellness ROI
  • Increase Your Company Net Worth
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Healthier & Happier!
  • We spend most of our waking hours at work, doesn’t make the most sense to be productive and healthy at work.
  • Monthly Tax savings to Choose Extra Benefits with No Change to Paycheck
  • Online Health Community
  • Over 8000 Fitness Videos & Tracking
  • Nutrition Tracking & Meal Plans
  • On Going Wellness Challenges
  • App & Device Integration
  • TeleHealth Coaching & Virtual Fitness Training
  •  Health Saving Account & Health Matching Account
  • Direct Primary Care Same/Next Day Appointments & Only $10 Co-Pay
  • Care at ANY Doctor & hospital, No In & Out of Network
  • Free Teledoc 24-7-365 Worldwide
  • Global Discounted Meds, Dental & Vision Nationwide
  • Rewards & Great Prizes!
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Companies Employees Actively Engaged


Employees Plan to Leave when Economy Improves


Employees Report Work Has Negative Effects on Health


Portion of American Population Who Are Obese in 2018


Cite Low Engagement as the Biggest Obstacle to Behavior Change


Health Care Spending Increase from 2008 to 2018

Let us help you

► Save On Average $500 to $1,000 Per Employee Per Year
► Lower Payroll Expenses
► Effectively Use Surveys To Measure & Increase Employee Engagement
► Lower Insurance Premiums & Healthcare Costs
► Reduce Absenteeism, Increasing Productivity
► Improve Employee Health, Self-Esteem & Vitality
► Increase Your Company’s Bottom-Line and/or Top-Line Growth
► Improve Corporate Image & Appeal, Reducing Turnover
► Improve Family Life, Bringing Improvement Into The Workplace
► Cultivate A Healthy, Energetic & Happy Culture

Save the Bucks!

Take advantage of tax incentives. Our clients are savings millions every year. Save up to 30% on insurance premiums.

Increase Business

Boost your business by improving your employee’s engagement, productivity and happiness. Our clients see ROI of 6 to 1 from our personal and professional development services.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Employee participation in our program saves your company money. Our program assists with smoking cessation, health assessments, obesity alleviation and prevention and prevention of diabetes.

Retain Best Talent

Attract the talent you want and keep your quality talent with established strategies to motivate employees, engaging events, strategies to recruit leaders and techniques to build your best company culture.

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Q: We like our wellness program. Do we need to change?

A: No, our wellness solutions are an additional resource at no additional net cost.

Q: Do employee have to participant in order to receive monthly savings?
A: No, an employee can choose whatever program or benefits they like and the company will still save every month.

Q: What’s so you unique about WellPlan solutions and why are you the best?

A: We provide our business owners a profitable wellness plan while empowering their employees to be more productive, healthy, and happy.

Q: Is the company trustworthy? 

A: We have severed indiviauls and companies in the US for nearly 25 years and our programs include over a million members and provide a billion dollars in resourcs.

Q: Do you have a plan that is Health Savings Account (HSA) Compatible?

A: Yes, an individual can fund their personal HSA upt o$3,450 in 2018. A couple or family can fund it up to $6750.55. These funds rollover when not used and can be part of your retirement. It’s all Pre-Tax! We also offer a Health Matching Account (HMA).

Q: Are there any caps on annual physicals and worst scenario costs?

A: No, annual physical exams, full preventative and ALL medical bills are covered with no limites, ie. not capped at $1M per incident or anything. Any Docotor or hospital anywhere in the world.

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